Your Journey Has Already Begun


...but you don't have to continue alone

      Whether you need a guide or a rock--


 I'm here to support you

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Finding a therapist can be daunting and take a lot of courage. However, I doubt this is your first step or anything close to it. You have likely already begun a deep process – whether through self reflection, problem solving, or even expression through a creative outlet. Still, you are feeling stuck as you're trudging through this journey alone.

I believe every person has access to inner wisdom which can help point direction toward their unique path of healing. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, we might lose connection, even trust, with our own gut instincts. Meanwhile, persistent, uncontrollable emotions and unfulfilling relationships can leave us absolutely depleted. Your ideal life may seem out of reach under so much stress and exhaustion.  

I see my therapist role as being a supportive guide helping clients get back in touch with their true essence and finding inner stability. My therapy sessions are typically client led, while offering feedback and interventions along the way. This allows clients to customize their therapy experience as it would be most supportive to them.