Frequently Asked Questions


how does therapy work?

In short, therapy works by helping you make sense of your emotions and experiences while also using them as a guide to improve your quality of life. In our first session, I will ask general questions to gain a broad overview of your history and present situation. By the end of the first or second session, we will set goals for our work together. By this time I will have suggestions for future sessions and strategies to try at home. I personally hold these loosely, as I am still getting to know you and your challenges. Collaboration is essential. In between sessions I encourage you to track your experiences, and consider what you would like to explore for our next session. Over time you should see shifts in your self awareness, thoughts, communication, and emotions. 

do you take insurance?

I operate under the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy. While CMP doesn't bill insurance directly, I can offer a monthly statement for reimbursement to submit to your provider. If you are interested in pursuing reimbursement, be sure to ask your provider for your "Out of Network" benefits. The number on the back of your insurance card is a great place to start.