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ASEXUALITY: Accepting Oneself and Being Seen

a 12 week process group

start date tbd

  • Missed the boy/girl crazy phase growing up?
  • Perplexed by others’ obsession with sex and sexual relationships?
  • Often feel left out, misunderstood, possibly even judged?
  • Sick of being told “You just haven’t found THE ONE”?
  • Even after experimentation, nothing has ever “clicked”?
  • Losing hope building deep/romantic connections, feeling as though you’re not enough?

Asexuality is an orientation rooted in a lack of sexual attraction. While sex repulsion/disinterest are more common among asexuals, it is not a determining factor. It’s on a spectrum, which includes identities like gray-asexual. If you identify within the asexual spectrum and answered “yes” to a few questions above, this group may offer validating support.

Our group will meet weekly for twelve sessions. We will begin as soon as enough members are confirmed. For more information on asexuality you can visit my asexuality page, and www.asexuality.org


If you are interested in the group, please submit a contact form or call to schedule a phone intake. Sliding scale rates available.


Saturn return: crystalizing your life potential

8 week process group

Saturn completes a full revolution around the sun every 29 years. Saturn's archetype is associated with challenges and limitations, as well as structure and determination. When Saturn aligns to its original location around 29 years of age, it's said to be a very tumultuous time. Thus the dreaded "Saturn Return"

Saturn Returns don't have to be tragic. In fact, it's a turning point into full adulthood. It's a time when personal goals are solidified, and one finally has the courage to shed relationships and habits which no longer serve them. If this period does have a tragic quality, one has to realize: Saturn is not the antagonist. It's your ego. It's your ego's fixation on a specific outcome. But what if something better, something you've never dreamed possible, was waiting beyond this treacherous mountain? Perhaps then you'll have courage to shed weighty expectations and trek up this hill with curiosity.

Join us on a reflective exploration of our charts and how these symbols may relate to our personal hero's journey.

Gain clarity of where you have been and where you are going.

Solidify your goals and maximize life potential. 

Embrace Saturnian Energy!


If you're interested in this group, please submit an inquiry for a free consultation.