Tanya Luttrell, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Center for Mindful Psychotherapy
Supervised by Stevan Gengo LMFT #23621

about tanya

I graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with a MA in Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Integral Counseling. Before attending CIIS, I volunteered as a crisis hotline counselor where my dream of becoming a therapist crystalized. 

Meanwhile, I led small reflection groups for students volunteering around the Bay Area. I was touched by the authentic heart-felt experiences each member brought. With a solid foundation of trust, students guided themselves into deep self inquiry. Throughout these honest reflections, many folks commented on the humility, compassion, and inspiration that arose within them.

In 2017 I created an asexuality process group, which I believe to be the first asexuality therapy group in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have passively acquired interest for a second cohort whenever my schedule permits. I have been continuously amazed by the hearts capacity to heal in supportive communities and through the cultivation of meaningful, authentic relationships.

In my free time I stimulate my mind through various branches of astrology. Unlike magazines, I don't view astrology as fortune telling. I enjoy it as a puzzle, a symbolic language, a vessel for deep reflection. Honestly, if it weren't for my undying skepticism, I would've lost interest years ago!

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